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Quaker Talk is a chat, brought to you by Birds n Ways, and is open to all. Feel free to share your pet quaker stories, ask questions, debate issues, and offer support and empathy to others in their time of need.

The goals of this forum are the advancement of aviculture*, the open exchange of ideas**, and the establishment of rapport with other Quaker fanciers. We have experts with many years of experience, who are happy to assist you with any of your quaker related problems. To achieve these goals, the following set of rules have been established:

  1. No Profanity.

  2. No malicious attacks on persons or groups.

  3. No advertising is allowed on the board. This includes promoting companies, their products, birds or services or advertising for websites. However, chat members are free to exchange information about products, breeders and sources of information.

  4. If a post is made which is considered to be in poor taste or breaks the rules, the post will be deleted. If an individual continues to post questionable messages, he or she may be banned from the site. This will be left to the moderators judgement.

  5. If you see a posting which fits in one of the above catagories (a troll), immediately post a message for others NOT TO READ OR RESPOND TO the posting. After you have done this, please e-mail the board administrator Judy at jellharper@netscape.com, an assistant administrator or one of the moderators in order for the situation to be corrected in a timely manner.

    Our Assistant Administrators are:

    And our moderators are:

  6. A lively debate is always welcome as long you debate the issue, and not attack the person posting.

  7. If you see a posting with erroneous information, please e-mail the individual to afford them the opportunity to correct their error. If no e-mail address is provided, then the choice is yours whether or not to post a correction.

NOTICE OF LIABILITY: All information presented herewith is provided on an "As Is" basis, without warranty or the implication thereof. Neither our server, Birds n Ways, the administrators, the moderators, it's members, nor any other individuals posting information shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions posted on this bulletin board or by the use of this board.

*We have no veterinary or medical training. However, we may be able to offer tips and suggestions which we have learned through experience.

**Please feel free to ask questions, even in an emergency situation. BUT IF YOUR BIRD IS ILL, CONSULT YOUR AVIAN VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY.

The opinions expressed on this chat are those of the individuals posting here and should not be interpreted as the official Birds n Ways point of view.

If you experience any technical problems please Contact BirdsnWays. They will be very happy to help you.


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